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Conquer 2.0 Hack

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Conquer 2.0 Hack

Here I bring some tools to help novices and professionals in the  Conquest 2.0 

The first is the game  

Here some pictures of the game 




Minimum requirements:  
Best of all this great  of Conquer Online is that  so often the game is updated. 
these are low requirements calling for proper operation. 

RAM: 128Mb 
Video: 16MB 
ROM: 1.5GB free disk 
RAM: 256MB 
Video: 32MB 
ROM: 3GB free disk 

Here the link:  

Installation Guide 

1.Download and actulalizar DirecX drivers for your graphics card. 
First install DirectX8.1 and the newest driver for your video card. If the installation is complete, proceed to next step. 

2.Install the game client. 

* If you install the client from CD-ROM, you can: 

Insert the CD of Conquest CD-ROM. The installation should start by itself within a few minutes.If not, you can start the installation by opening My Computer, double-click on your CD-ROM, then finally double-clicking the icon of the conquest. Follow the instructions in the program to complete the installation. After the game is fully installed, you will see an icon of achievement which will have been added to your desktop. 

* If you download the client installation conquer online, you can: 
Use the latest version of the program, use the newest versiñon your favorite extractor and double click on the installer. exe file and follow the instructions to install the game. 

Now the tools:  

First the toxic fog 
For those who want to gain the ability to poison their Ninjas 
Here a img 

f1 placed in the box in the table sit and skill 
then put the toxic Toxic Fog Leveler.exe open the folder. 
This is a picture 


And here is the download link  


Now the mini map with all locations of objects like db, snow water, hidden money, etc.. 

just open the location C: Files programaConquista remplasan 2.0dataMiniMap and pictures and go. 
Here the link:  


I hope you enjoy and remember to leave some spots XD  : R   

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